Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yellowstone National Park.......

Bit the bullet and bought a seasonal pass to all National Parks as well as my annual Yellowstone fishing license. Late I know as most folks are now leaving the park for the summer, but since I can enter it from 3 locations and find myself constantly at its entrance; I figured 'what the heck..?'

For those who've vistited Mammoth your well aware of the rather tame resident elk herd and considering I see and photograph enough wild elk too; I still like these rascals as they're much more cooporative and grant me some nice shots when I need them.

Though somewhat illegal, I couldn't help grabbing my sweet sounding new cow call off the rearview mirror and messing with the two young bulls; geting some neat shots while doing so.

While seeing a dozen lying on the lawn outside the visitor center and a few wayward Italians appproaching to close 'ignoring the signs' is a shot in itself; seeing them meander outside town toward dusk and congregate with their less tame brotherin provided some beautiful scenes and made a rather fruitless fishing trip (due to heavy winds) into one with some salvagable shots for the portfolio.

Night fell sooner than expected and I readied myself to head home...

Just as I snapped my last elk pic, these four noisy things flew overhead to 'wish me well'.