Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring in Montana......

All kinds of critters both big and small out and about...

From the ones I've grown used to seeing and they use too seeing me...

...To some I almost never lay eyes on and feel privledged when I do.

While momma 'kept watch' a few yards behind, her youngin fed on suptle spring grasses that required kneeling to reach. Then once full, spent another few minutes stretching and scratching what itched and ached all to the amusement of yours truly who kept snapping away..

"hey look Ma...if I use my back hoove I can scratch my face...!?"


This week I also came upon the miracle of birth as it happened..and did my best to record; while having a little chuckle at the calves efforts along the way into this world..

Though my camera missed the seconds preceding this where he fell to the pasture floor, I caught it in my sight while driving and pulled over to capture what unfolded after...

"hey Ma...I'm either blind here or got a bunch of shit in my eyes..?"

..Lets try this again..?

"Yup, had shit in my eye. Thanks Ma for the last big lick!"

(Above sequence took less than five minutes from calf hitting dirt too reaching her momma's teet').



I also revisited Ennis Lake Dam for the second time this month and checked out the damage caused by the massive boulder which scheared off and caused so many headaches late last year..

Though the damage seems much now fixed; the above images give an idea to the scale of the rock which fell; it now mostly covered in strong grate along the face of the cliff.

Though I busted out the new ECHO 10' 6 WT and gave it a few backcasts using some pink soft hackle, I had this eary feeling I was being watched' and released the few fish who kindly accepted my imitation as quickly as I could..

Though it says 'Spring' on the calendar; me and the girls are still not convinced its officially arrived (..a half-foot of snow in last 24 hours)..

..But the big game critters up here dont have time to wait it seems; and are 'getting their fill' of the few nice days in preperation for the next...

Whatever's over the horizon can only be better than what's been in the past..

I hope you'll join me and see what we find..