Sunday, October 16, 2011

"A bad day of fishing... better than a good day of work any day".

Grabbed the boat for a quick float on the Yellowstone with the intention of getting some pics of the Fall colors and of course getting into some fish..

I invited Tom and another college kid I know from the shop named Travis, and we had a great time!

The colors weren't as expected and neither was the fishing. I think the trees need maybe another week to come into their epic foliage I had witnessed last Fall; and the browns haven't quite gotten into the right mood either..

We managed a mere 12 fish to the boat (on a 6 mile float) and that included mostly small cuttys and at least 4 white fish - none of which I bothered pulling the camera out for;..convinced as I was we'd eventually catch something bigger..?

We didn't, but still had a blast and though I intend to now 'finally squeeze some hunting into the mix this upcoming weekend'; this wont be our last float down the Stone and that's for sure.