Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lower Madison...

...and two complete goofballs...?!

With Winter winds howling at 40 plus, the rod never left the cab; but this didn't stop my two cohorts from causing mischeif and running the shores of the Lower Madison till they litterally dropped from exhaustion.

With the high winds and mild temps, snow was only visible in a few places. For the most part the river appeared ice free and completely accessable (for now)..

Still what few pockets of snow left, held fresh tracks of varmints it appeared; and the 'hunt' was on...

With nary a bird in sight nor one that could even take flight; this left mice, moles, and muskrats on the menu...?

Bathing my dogs, or rather NOT DOING so EVER; is not something I take pride in; its just not neccessary unless they get skunked. So for the most part 'any cleansing or neccessary grooming my two dogs feel they need' is left up to them; and Suzie for one does a great job (about 10 times a day)...

While Suz was rewarded with the actual 'find'...

Mocha of course was best at the retrieve..."Hey where you goin with that..?"

That made two finds for the day. Not the biggest, but one at least was bigger than what adorned the head of this past season's buck I took.
It was quite a nice surprise to stumble across the ones we did. This now makes four we've found so far this season already; having bagged two on the preserve a couple weeks back (all whitetail). My front porch is starting to look cluttered with all the elk and deer sheds; might be time to have a lamp made or something..?

Yup, the girls had quite a time and I even managed to relax a bit (like I dont do enough of that..); and before long we headed home, but not till I promised to 'bring them back' to the Lower Madison - their "favorite river" I think its safe to say..

Might even be mine too, during Winter at least.