Saturday, June 4, 2011

Found Seven Bulls in Velvet...

...Some real nice ones too!

Its still early, but these three show real potential of developing some magnificent racks..

There were actually four, but one of the largest held up in timber and wouldn't join the others down low.

Check out the differences in their coloration, no camera tricks there; they all differ a bit in-transition from their' Winter to Summer coats I guess..

I found them feeding on private property just below Big Sky right along the Gallatin, while searching for a clearer waters to fish. I was just up river of the Taylor Fork; so its likely these are Yellowstone Park bulls, but a cool to encounter none the less..

The three down lower eventually tired of me sneaking in on them and headed back into fallen timbers..

"Single file, single file..."


About 30 miles down-river while headed home I spied another group of nice bulls bedded along the highway, but they were up pretty high and unimpressed when I stopped to take a few pics...

They didnt budge much and I was happy to see this; as now I know where to find both groups when I head back in a couple weeks to see how their antlers have developed..


Did find a clear stretch and threw some junk, but no bites.

The velvet bull encounters were neat though, and unexpected; so not a total bust thats for sure.