Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dandy Buck....

I've always thought that was a funny saying...pure country and kinda corny too.
But when I saw this fella I said:"..Now thats a dandy buck"!

I was fly fishing thru the predictable afternoon thunder-storms yesterday along the Gallatin and waited-out two pretty nasty ones on shore complete with viscious lighting; but cared little I'd be struck.
I was confident it would get better once it stopped and it did too. I even saw a double rainbow, but didn't freak out too much. I also, after a few thousand roll-casts, managed to land a couple small rainbows of the fishy type on attractor-patterns; and then grew tired and headed up toward the truck.


I'd told myself, and anyone I felt like it recently, that upon quitting my job:
"I was destined to fish every day for the next 30 to 40"; and I intend to keep that promise (...headed out in about an hour here in fact).


When I got ready to pullout onto the highway I glanced up onto a slope and saw a group of bucks feeding in the setting sun, then grabbed my binos for a closer look?

"Holy Cow..."!

This was no national park either and a very much hunted group of deer, but in the Summer they let their guard down a bit it seems; and I was able to sneak pretty close for these shots (in soggy waders and felt boots no less).

He was content to just munch away on the grasses at his feet, but in my attempt to get him to raise his head for more pics, my 'grunts' only boogered him up and over the hill instead.


He was kind enough to stop and give me one last look-see though; and I snapped a final pic of him before heading home.

Yup, another great day here in Montana...cant complain.


Pheasant Surrogator Update......Second Release..

This is just a brief post about our second hatch of pheasants and the release which took place last Friday August 6th. For more details log into Upland Journal and our Pheasant Surrogator Thread.

I liked this location better than the earlier one as it was down in the river bottom and lots more cover and feed as well as its proximity to the river itself left little doubt they'd find water.

This time we added a feeder close by to where we released them, a step skipped the first time around and might have been a mistake (not sure)?

This feeder doubles as a waterer as well; but due to the rivers' proximity we didnt see the point in hooking it up. The tub shaped feeder is weather proof and provides dry feed for as long as the birds wish to utilize it. However, I'm convinced this thing is designed more for quail as soon the young pheasant wont be able to get underneath it to feed.

The "hopper infestation" is in full swing though and the ground was covered with thousands; so may not be neccessary, but we put it in place just to be on the safe side.

Even though several types of seedlings were planted by the hired-hand, this being the first time the area was tilled under; a wild native sunflower took over and in some places was head high (note: small figure on left is a man walking near river almost completely obscured).

Several birds of various species were flushed while walking it (pheasant/sharps/doves etc); so besides the obvious benefit of vast safety cover; it seems the birds are using it for feed already too.

Since it was downright HOT, we all hopped on four-wheelers to cool off; and cruised the ranch checking out the shelter-belts planted, and looking for elk and antelope.

No elk this time out, but plenty of deer and antelope around and some nice bucks too!

With a storm brewing on the horizon we headed back to the ranch house and called it a day.

..A 'great day' in fact, in beautiful Montana.