Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unseasonably Fun...

Mild Winters in Montana make for trips to the Missouri in January, Lower Madison in February, and a even plans for floating the Yellowstone here in early March.

I mean why not, there's no snow in the valley to speak of and the girls can stay out all day as temps are in the 50's. However, thankfully up high in the mountains to the south we do have good snow-pack and many areas are at 90 to 100%; so this season should turnout well water wise.

Moe on the "MO" (with friends)

Lower Madison (aka "Slower Madison") on this particular day at least. Wind was 50 plus I'm betting; so we didn't stay out too long, but still nice to be on a river in February.

And last but not least a little Puppy Time..

One of my buddy's has a cute 8 month old GSP and we get her together with my own whenever we can ; so she's well acquainted with them in anticipation of next hunting season.

"Intro to water 101", tutoring by my very own river rats...


And then "Intro to cow turds" too in the back pasture..

A little discipline when needed to keep the new kid in line (check out Suzie's snarl)LOL


All in all, fun times here in Montana and not as usual; since winters usually drive me insane. But not this one; in fact I have plans to hit a couple more rivers this week and next.




  1. Is that the takeout at Craig? Looks familiar..

  2. That is. I've floated Dam to Craig, but on this afternoon we just did Wolf down.

    We should float the Stone sometime.


  3. I'd love to, only problem is I'm in South Carolina. My brother (non-fisherman) lives in Helena and got married last summer. We all went out for the wedding and he took a bunch of us with the kids on a float from Wolf to Craig. Water was still pretty high then and talking with several guides at the put-in I'm glad I didn't book one that week. They weren't catching diddly.

    I'll give you a yell if I get back out that way.

  4. ill be on the 'MO" in august, its probably my favorite river in eh world, seriously. nowhere ive ever been do fish fight like that, its like there all on steroids

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